Interested of studioproject (metal)?

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Interested of studioproject (metal)?

Inläggav skn » tor 10 maj 2018, 06:52


I got this quite wild idea of studio project. So... It doesn't matter where you are from. I personally live in Finland and I play guitar (standard B-tune). And what about the style... I can give couple of references: Amaranthe, Soilwork, Mnemic, Smash into pieces, In flames etc.. Shortly the music would/could be melodic metal and it can include some kind of samples (for example Amaranthe) etc..

So.. basic idea is to come up with some ideas and sending them to each other (-> to cloud for example) and build songs of them.

Just let me know if you are interested of this kind project.
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Blev medlem: tor 10 maj 2018, 06:45

Re: Interested of studioproject (metal)?

Inläggav Bas_mannen » tor 10 maj 2018, 10:07

I’m in, bass player....
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Blev medlem: sön 29 apr 2018, 22:52

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