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Intressant artikel om förväntningar hos lyssnaren

Postat: tor 13 nov 2014, 00:02
av bjelkeman
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The penultimate note of the tune generates such strong and specific anticipation that you are likely finding it difficult to continue reading without resolving the sequence. That anxious pause is key to composition and music’s power. It creates a sense of prophetic certainty that allows musicians to play against expectations by thwarting the expected. The controlled manipulation of certainty and likelihood lurks behind those magical moments in which music has caused a shiver or a tear to fall. By infusing uncertainty or surprise into the mix, musicians literally play on our emotions. As a composer myself, I often lead listeners down musical paths that avoid expected arrivals. ... r-thoughts" onclick=";return false;

Re: Intressant artikel om förväntningar hos lyssnaren

Postat: sön 16 nov 2014, 20:53
av Fluktbas
Mycket intressant. Den får jag läsa några gånger. Men kan man inte göra det lite lättare för sig? Är inte de berömda fyra tonerna Gilmour spelar i Shine On You Crazy Diamond ett typiskt exempel på detta?