R.I.P Tom Wheeler.

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R.I.P Tom Wheeler.

Inlägg av Elfström » tis 13 feb 2018, 08:12

It is an extremely sad day in the guitar world and music industry as we morn the loss of Tom Wheeler, former editor of Guitar Player Magazine. Tom had a huge impact on the industry both as editor and author of several books on Fender guitars. He was a personal friend and supporter of ZON and will be dearly missed. I'm certain he'll have an all access pass waiting for him to get through the pearly gates as he already has many artists he knows on the other side.
May you rest in peace and eternal happiness.
Joe Zon.

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Re: R.I.P Tom Wheeler.

Inlägg av gthyni » tis 13 feb 2018, 12:46

hade en bok av honom som var min bibel i sena tonåren.
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